I just read a blog post that stated that Portland Oregon has over 500 food trucks.  I think we have maybe 3 here in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I have not eaten at many food trucks in my life due to the fact that I have not encountered many.  It would be fun to live in a place, like Portland, where you could literally eat at a different food truck every day for an entire year and still not hit them all.  You could probably have an entire blog just dedicated to food truck cuisine.  I’ll keep that in mind if I ever move to Portland, OR. 

Ben and I finally decided to try the new food truck in town (new to us). Sweeto Burrito opened in Idaho Falls in January 2012. Before that, they were in Alexander, ND for about a year.  There they were serving up the Sturgis crowd.  Oh the sights they must have seen from that window! 

In a nutshell, we loved the food!  We had the Smokehouse burrito, the Bronco burrito, and the Thai Fighter burrito.  They were huge and they were loaded with flavor!  I thought that they might all taste the same but they were each distinctly different and amazing.  What sets Sweeto Burrito apart from other establishments serving burritos is a combination of their exclusive sauces, their perfectly cooked meats, their obviously fresh ingredients, and their completely unique flavor combinations.  

When we first drove up I was expecting southwestern/Mexican flavor combinations (just your typical shredded beef and chicken with rice, beans, and salsa).  But, when I saw ingredients listed, like: onion strings, Sun-Dried Tomato, Crunchy Wonton Strips, Orange sauce, and Thai Peanut Curry (not all on the same burrito). I knew I was somewhere special where the people creating the food really love what they are doing!  We are really fortunate to have a food truck of this caliber in Idaho Falls.
 Go There HUNGRY!!!

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