Friday Fun

Friday Fun 23 at Julie's Jazz1


This Honey Butter Stone Fruit and Blackberry Meringue Tart. So beautiful it’s ridiculous!

This Chocolate Cake to Knock Your American-Flag Socks Off. So you can have your chocolate cake and festively eat it on The 4th of July TOO!

This American Flag Cookie Cake. I love how simple this recipe is!

This Flag Cake | Vanilla Butter Cake with Honey Whipped Cream. So Pretty!

This Overnight Red, White and Blue Berry French Toast Breakfast Casserole. A perfect Independence Day Breakfast for a crowd!

This American Sparkling Soda. This looks incredibly refreshing and FUN!

This Beet “Noodle” Salad with Blueberries & Goat Cheese. UNIQUE!!!

This American Flag Pie (Blackberry and Strawberry). Simply Pretty!

This 4th of July Party Mix. Love this simple idea!

This Watermelon Feta Salad with Blueberry Drizzle. Fresh!


Fat Shaming vs Body Acceptance: Is it Okay to Be Fat? Great article!

See How Much the “Perfect” Female Body has Changed in 100 Years. Interesting!


Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Duties In Closer Proximity To Ocean. Ugh! Too True!

You’re Loading the Dishwasher Wrong: A Chore and a Power Struggle. Haha! Ben loads it light. I like to try to fit every dish in the house into it!

I think I’ll join this club!


summer 2015 fitness goals at Julie's Jazz-2

How to Become Your Most Fit Self

I didn’t meet my goal.  But, I’m OK with that. It wasn’t well defined and I don’t feel like I look too bad in these photos. I’m actually really comfortable with me. Which is one of the reasons I’m having such a hard time reaching my fitness goals. Then Ben ran a 40 mile ultra…

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friday fun june 26th

Friday Fun

FOOD It’s 90 degrees outside right now.  Perfect time for a Popsicle! I’d love one of each of these right now! These Power Smoothie Striped Popsicles. Fitting for this historical day! These Watermelon Pops. Refreshing! And, thank you Orangette for the links to the articles above and below (hope you don’t mind all my re-linking)!…

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Fresh Nectarine Toast

Fresh Nectarine Toast

Since summer just started on Sunday I’ve decided to try to focus on simple pleasures this week and maybe that will carry on throughout the next 8 or 12 weeks. Simple things help me with the harder things. Like, I just finished my meager breakfast but now I have my cup of super smooth cream…

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idaho falls zoo may 2015

Every Day Life at Julie’s Jazz

Ben takes Will to the Zoo multiple times every summer.  Uncle Brad came with us on Will’s first 2015 visit.Ben and Will have a zoo routine. It includes plain M&Ms and soda.Thanks, Uncle Brad, for taking Will into the area where you can brush the animals.This is my favorite part of the petting zoo.Alpaca.Will calls…

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Friday Fun Skyline High School Score Board in Idaho Falls Idaho

Friday Fun

  I snapped this photo as we were leaving Sam’s high school parking lot right after his graduation. FOOD Celebrate the upcoming birthday of our Sun with a scoop of creamy, frosty, sweet, homemade ice cream. Any one of the following flavors would be welcome in any bowl of mine. It IS that time of…

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Zucchini and Fennel Summer Salad-4

Zucchini and Fennel Summer Salad

Ben and my favorite day of the year will be here in only 3 days! The summer solstice, the sun’s birthday, the longest sunlight of the year! We are in love with the sun! This Zucchini and Fennel Summer Salad is just the type of salad you might want to eat on a day when our…

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