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Friday Fun BlueberriesFOOD

Berries are beginning to taste better. According to the Idaho Preferred Products Calendar we’re about a week and a half away from “in season” berries.  I’ve been buying blackberries whenever I see a container that looks good.  The last two containers have been pretty sweet so now I’m thinking about blackberries.

This Blackberry Fennel Pizza. Um,  Mmmmm……..

This Blackberry Mint Lime Fruit Leather. Genius.

This Blackberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble. Chocolate and berries. Yes!

This Blackberry Lime Cake. Lovely.

These Slow Cooker Blackberry and Jalapeno Chicken Sandwiches. Please invite me to a picnic serving these!

This Blackberry, Bacon & Blue Cheese Salad. Flavor City!

This Roasted Blackberry Crème Fraiche Ice Cream. Crème + Cream = TL

This Blackberry and Almond Coffee Cake. 7/8s for me. 1/8th for me later!

This Crackberry. Like no other cupcake!

These Triple Berry White Chocolate Breakfast Buns. Sorry sticky buns!

This Grilled Brie and Chard Bread with Blackberry Basil Smash Salsa. This is real!


Just wanted to see what people are into and up to in the literature part of the fitness world.

The 20 Must-Read Fitness, Health, and Happiness Books of 2014. I guess I have some reading to do before “this” year’s list comes out!

Amazon Best Sellers in Health, Fitness and Dieting. I’m actually reading one of these now.


The MOVE Bombing. Interesting read. I’d never heard this story before. Having been born and raised in a small city in eastern Idaho it’s surprising to think that this happened in the United States in the 1980’s. These actions seem so primitive and clumsy for them taking place only 30 years ago.

A Day in the Life of Pinterest. So true. And a fun read.

BEES. Will loved this video! He got stung recently so he’s really interested in them.




Delmer and Alan Wedding 001

Mother’s Day

Delmer and Allen DunnA few weeks back my sister posted a sweet video of a granddaughter wearing her grandmothers wedding dress for her own wedding.  The grandmother didn’t know her granddaughter was going to wear the dress so it was a surprise.  The video was the grandmother’s reaction to seeing her granddaughter wearing the dress. …

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friday fun 5-1-15

friday fun

FOOD It’s definitely spring in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We’ve got wind, sporadic rain, our lawns and leaves are almost completely green.  Most people have planted their gardens, fingers crossed, hoping it won’t freeze again! Our produce departments are bursting with bitter berries because they’re not quite in season. But, the stores want us to get…

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david lebovitz german chocolate cake recipe-11

the best german chocolate cake recipe

Including this cake, I’ve only baked a birthday cake for Sam twice in 18 years! The first cake was a Tigger (Disney Character) cake on his 1st birthday. A couple of days before his Birthday this year I decided to bake him one. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted.  He said he’d…

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everyday life at julies jazz-an idaho falls food blog-17

everyday life at julie’s jazz

 Sam turned 18 on Saturday! He celebrated by getting a tattoo. I had mixed feelings at first.  But, I’m fine with it now. The artist that gave Sam the tattoo did a great job!  The Bleeding Cowboy (the tattoo place), had a great atmosphere and all the people there were super professional and nice. Ben, Will,…

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friday fun 3

Friday Fun

FOOD This Chive Ricotta Toast with Asparagus and Radish.  The reason I decided to do a toast round-up. This Breakfast Toast with Fava Bean Spread and Crispy Capicola. A reason to try fava beans. This Sweet Potato Hummus Tartine with Toasted Brussels Sprouts and Goat Cheese. Just Pretty! This Hard Boiled Egg Toast with Harissa…

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Barley and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Barley and Brussels Sprouts Salad

When I left work today it was snowing sideways.  I know it won’t last. It’s supposed to be 70 on Saturday. There’s always something to look forward to! Like this salad! I’ve been looking forward to this salad every night for the last three nights. It is as good as it looks! It’s got it…

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everyday life at julies jazz-an idaho falls food blog

everyday life at julie’s jazz

I haven’t done one of these posts for a long time.  But, I love them. Hopefully I’ll be inspired by Spring to get back into the swing. This photo is of the Idaho State University campus. Will drinking berry lemonade at an early registration event for Idaho State University freshmen.  Notice the sweet haircut he…

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